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In The Darkness
A high energy power metal song with lots of guitars, double bass drumming and eerie vocal melodies that can make your hair stand on end.

So, if creepy heavy metal ghost songs are your thing then you just might like this song we dedicated to King Diamond.

Sugar, Sugar
We always wanted to do a grittier, guitar heavy version of this classic song. The hooks are incredible and it really pre-dates Def Leppard's 'pour some sugar on me' as the pre-eminate 'sticky, sweet ' pop tune.

We really stuck to the classic Chuck Rainey bass line to capture the same intoxicating groove.

Return to Glory
An original heavy metal tune in the NWOBHM style with lyrics any metal head can appreciate and bang their head to.

This high energy, fast paced song was inspired by early Iron Maiden from the Paul Dianno days.
We think you'll really dig it!

California Dreamin'
A song we always wanted to perform in a heavier style while perserving the original tempo and feel. We did do something a little different with the traditional backing vocals, but I don't want to ruin all the suprises.
If you like old school metal with shredding guitar and power vocals, this might be your cup of tea.

When the dogs come home
This bluesy, metal anthem is combined with an instrumental intro "moonrise" for this single release only. This original song showcases the vocal duet between Alexander & April Tuesday, with a Black Sabbath style wall of guitars with blazing solos.

Something for every true metal fan!

Baby It's You
The Smith version has always had a special place in our hearts, so we used that arrangement but with an Iron Maiden style bass and drum beat topped off with a Deep Purple kind of feel.

Add to that a great vocal performance by April Tuesday and a very liquidy guitar by Rikk OShea and you have a very uniqe take on a great classic song.

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