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Man In Black Music
Man In Black Music


The Black Tuesdays are a heavy metal band hailing from London, England. They play original heavy metal music in a heavy metal style as in Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Ozzy Osbourne etc.

If you like your metal with melodies & lots of guitar solos, The Black Tuesdays just might be your cup of grog!

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In the Darkness

The sixth single from THE BLACK TUESDAYS is a haunting departure from their other songs. 'In The Darkness' is a high energy power metal song with lots of guitars, double bass drumming and eerie vocal melodies that can make your hair stand on end.

So, if creepy heavy metal ghost songs are your thing then you just might like this song we dedicated to King Diamond.

Return to Glory

A high powered metal anthem in the tradition of early Iron Maiden.

With a song about Vikings, battle, death and destruction how can you go wrong?

Headbangers, this one is for you! Lots of harmony guitars and pounding rhythyms enough to satisfy any metal head.

Moonrise - When the dogs come home

A combination of an instrumental piece 'Moonrise' combined with the heavy metal bluesy duet 'When the dogs come home'.

Alexander & April trade vocals with Rikk shredding madly on his strat. Josh is as solid as a rock on the skins!
The mood is dark and eerie, just how we like it!

Of course The Black Tuesdays are a cartoon band like Metalocalypse or The Archies, To find out who created them and performs, look  behind the curtain . 

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